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1300mm tesion leveler aluminum

stock No.: 371, it is written on July 17, 2022
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machine is made in 2006, just stopped running in July,2022

machine is complete, no missing parts

1. Input material: pure aluminum and aluminum alloy 1000 series, 3003, 8011

2. Input material performance: 1) tensile strength: σ b 80-350N/mm2

                               2) Yield strength: σ b50-300N/mm2

3. Input coil width: 800-1350mm

4. Input coil thickness: 0.1-1.2mm

5. Input coil OD: max Φ 1700mm

6. Input Coil weight: Q max. 7500kg

7. Sleeve size: Φ 505/565 × 14501600mm

8. Incoming coil shape: 401

9. Finished product width: 700-1300mm

10. Working speed of the train: 0-100-200m/min

Aluminum strip thickness: 0.75mm v=0-200m/min

Aluminum strip thickness: 0.75mm v=0-100m/min

Cleaning speed: v=0-100m/min

11. Line speed: 0-50m/min

12. Maximum elongation: 0-3% stepless continuous adjustable

13. Accuracy of elongation: ± 0.01%

14. Maximum tensile force: 146kn (meet σ ≤ 180n/mm2, specification

15. Speed accuracy: ± 0.1%

16. Tension accuracy: ± 0.5%

17. Inner diameter of finished coil: Φ 505/ Φ 405mm (sleeve inner diameter)

18. Outer diameter of finished roll: max.1700mm

19. Plate type after tension correction: 51 (incoming plate type 401)

20. Strip passing elevation: +1100mm

21. Coiling stagger tolerance: ≤± 0.5mm

22. Coiling tower shape tolerance: ≤± 1.0mm

23. Trimming width accuracy: ≤± 0.3mm

24. Train running direction: stand on the operation side and look from left to right

25. Transmission mode: DC transmission

26. Total softened water: (softened water grade: 100mg/l) 3M ³/ hMax.

27. Compressed air consumption: 5-6m ³/ Min (pressure: 6-8kg/cm3)

28. Total capacity of main drive motor: ~ 886kw

29. Total capacity of auxiliary drive AC motor and electric heating: ~ 700kW

1.1.3 Uncoiling and centering device

      It adopts double-sided optical head detection, and the optical head automatically 

      finds the center when centering, and includes the center line deviation function.

1.1.4 1# pinch shear

      Usage: used for opening coil, clamping aluminum plate and cutting head

      Structure: with inlet feeding plate and upper cutting shear

      Parameter: pinch roll upper roll size: lifting steel roll OD250*1450mm 1 PCS

      Size of lower roll of pinch roll: one fixed rubber roll OD250*1450mm

      Upper pinch roll lifting cylinder: OD60*30mm 2 PCS

      Lower pinch roll drive motor: BM3 (hydraulic motor)

      Lower roll overrunning clutch: 1

      Cutting form: upper knife moving, lower knife fixed

      Cutting edge width: 1450mm

      Opening degree of cutting edge: 120mm

      Shear cylinder: OD150/OD75*135mm 2

      1 telescopic movable guide platform (driven by oil cylinder)

1.1.5 Disc shear (including flattening device)

       Usage: cut the strip to the crack edge or to the finished width to ensure the width tolerance

       Form: double frame, adjustable opening, cutter head side clearance, and manually adjustable overlap

       Parameter: shear thickness: 0.2-1.2mm with disc knife

       Disc cutter size: od170mm

       Shear width: 700-1300mm

       Opening adjustment: the motor drives the screw rod

       Shear opening drive motor: s62-y1.1-4p-95.4-w

       Shearing accuracy: ± 0.3mm

       Width of waste edge: max. =50mm

       Shear main drive motor: DC 10kw

       Flattening roll: od160*1450mm

       Butterfly shear for 0.1-0.2mm

       Butterfly shear size: OD170mm (fixed knife)

       Drive motor: Y2-801-40.55kw1500 r/min

1.1.6 Waste edge winding machine

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