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No.188 New 1150mm cold rolling mill

It is new machine. The written time is June 28,2021.
  • product description
  • Technical Parameters

 Machine performance


2.1 incoming material specification


Materials: pickling hot rolled coil Q195, 08Al, 20, SPHC, low alloy steel, etc


Maximum yield limit of mechanical properties σ s=360 N/mm2


Thickness 1.2-4 mm


Width 750-1015 mm


Coil diameter (inside / outside) Φ510 ×Φ 900-1800 mm


Maximum coil weight 18 t


2.2 finished product size


Thickness 0.18-1.2 mm


Width 750-1015 mm


Coil diameter (inside / outside) Φ 510/ Φ 900-1800 mm


Maximum coil weight 18 t


Thickness tolerance ± 0.005mm δ< 0.3mm


± 0.008mm 0.3≤ δ 0.5mm


± 2% δ mm δ ≥0.5mm


3 Main technical parameters


Mill specifications Φ 950/ Φ 370/ Φ 300 × 1150 mm


Maximum rolling pressure 11000 kn


Maximum rolling torque 80 kn. M


Belt piercing speed 18 m/min


Rolling speed 0 780 M / min


Uncoiling tension 5-50 kn


Coiling tension 12-120 kn (first gear, V < 450m / min)


6.3-63 kn (gear II, V ≥ 450m / min)


Maximum coiling speed 800 m/ min


Single side bending force of work roll (positive / negative) 300 / 180 kn


Intermediate roll traverse force 550 / 350 kn


Working roll diameter Φ 300- Φ 270 mm


Diameter of intermediate roll Φ 370- Φ 335 mm


Backup roll diameter Φ 950- Φ 890 mm


Length of working roll body 1150 mm


Intermediate roll displacement 200 mm


Maximum opening of working roll 20 mm


Uncoiler drum diameter Φ 460-520 (full circle) Φ 510


Coiler drum diameter Φ 490- Φ 510 mm (full circle) Φ 510mm)


Axial floating amount of Uncoiler drum ± 75 mm


Diameter of lower pinch roll of head straightener Φ 400 mm


Guide roller diameter Φ 400 mm


Rolling line elevation +1000 mm


Adjustment stroke of rolling line elevation 125 mm


Process lubrication flow 6000 L / min


Working pressure of hydraulic system


Balance, roll bending, traverse, press up 21 MPa


General hydraulic transmission 10 MPa


The transmission direction of the mill is on the right side of the strip forward direction of the blooming pass.


4 Unit installed level


4.1 Siemens DC speed regulation, SCR power supply (mixed structure) and PLC control are adopted for main rolling mill, uncoiler and front and rear coiler.


4.2 automatic thickness control (AGC) is performed by computer when fully hydraulic pressure is pressed. The hydraulic AGC system is controlled by two-level computer, which has the functions of constant roll gap, constant rolling force and thickness monitoring.


4.3 rolling mill has control means of pressure reduction deviation, positive / negative bending of working roll and positive bending of intermediate roll; The shape control means of the intermediate roll transverse setting and roll cooling.


4.4 the uncoiler has CPC automatic centering function.


4.5 quick roll change of working roll and intermediate roll.


4.6 the rolling mill electrical system has overload protection, strip breaking protection and emergency stop and other safety protection systems; The main machine and coiler have the functions of automatic deceleration with tail and accurate stop; The coiler has the function of circle number memory.


4.7 rolling mill speed control: speed / tension control of Uncoiler and coiler, digital display.


4.8 the rolling line elevation is adjusted quickly by electric pressing screw.


4.9 oil and gas lubrication of rolling mill bearings.


4.10 PLC programmable control is adopted for the production process interlock and fault alarm of the unit to realize the automation of production process.


4.11 the unit has the pre setting of process parameters, detection, display and alarm system of process parameters and key equipment parameters.

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