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used cold rolling mill

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2011 Chinese Brand 1250mm 20hi CRM

stock No.:  216, it is written on April 14, 2022
  • product description
  • Technical Parameters

Machine is made in 2011

Machine is dismantled in October, 2021

1.1 Power supply data

-      Frequency 50Hz ± 10%

-      High voltage 10kV ± 10%

1.2 compressed air

-        The pressure is 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa,

-        Oil content < 1ppm

-        Atmospheric dew point < = - 40

2.1 Product size

    Material: stainless steel, carbon steel

-        strip width

                      ·1250mm Max

                      ·Minimum 700mm

-        Maximum coil weight 20 t, excluding sleeve

-        Coil size

                      ·Inner diameter 610mm

                     ·Maximum outer diameter 2000mm

                     ·Minimum outer diameter 900mm

-        Raw material thickness < = 3.5mm

-        Finished product thickness : > = 0.1mm

Max. speed: carbon steel 600m/min

                           stainless steel: 400m/min


3.1 Roll

Working roll:Ф63.5*1444Material: cr12movgo 

Working roll quantity: 2

-        Diameter range

-        Min. 58 mm

-        Max. 73.5mm

-        Hardness 60-62hrc

-        Grinding depth per week: > = 0.05mm 1st

Driving roll: Ф102 * 1550mm material: 5cr5wmosiv

            Driving roll quantity: 4

-        Diameter range

Min.: 96mm max.: 102mm

-        Hardness 58-58hrc

-        Roughness: ra1

-        Grinding depth: 0.1mm second

  Back up roll: Ф173 * 1586mm material: 5cr5wmosiv

         Back up roll quantity: 14

-          Diameter   range

Min: 170mm   Max: 173mm

-          Hardness   58-60hrc

-          Roughness:   ra1

-          Grinding   depth: 0.1mm

3.2 arrangement   of rolling mill

- Rolling direction

Right to left

- Rolling line height of   rolling mill


- Distance between uncoiler   and left tension coiler


- Tension coiler elevation


- Uncoiler elevation


-        Distance   between tension coilers

3.3 main   parameters of equipment

-        Uncoiler

-        Drum   diameter






*Expansion   tension:


*Maximum -   speed:

70kN until   400m / min


25 M / min

*Max. (rolled)

- Drive motor:

*AC motor

300 M / min




0/310/1000 RPM

*Gear   reduction ratio


-        Pinch straightener

·Drive motor: * DC motor

*Power 30KW

*Speed 1500 rpm

·Gear reduction ratio 28 / 1

·Roll diameter 200mmMain parameters of rolling mill

-      rolling mill

·Archway model

·Drive motor:

Zgm1400   "negative convexity"

                *DC motor




Rated voltage


Rated current


*Rotation   speed

310/1000 RPM

*Linear   velocity

0/300/600 M / min

Overload multiple


·Maximum speed

- Tension   coiler

·Drum diameter

800 M / min

*Over   expansion





·Drive motor:


                *DC motor




Rated voltage


Rated current


*Rotation   speed

310/1000 RPM

*Linear   velocity

0/400/800 M / min

Overload   multiple


·Maximum speed

800 M / min


*450kn at 600m / min         *350kn at 800m / min

*30KN, min

-      Steering roll

·Drive motor:

*Acvf motor

*Power: 7.5kw

*Speed 0 / 637 rpm

*Direct drive

-      Structure negative convexity structure

-      Type zgm1400

-      Maximum rolling force 8000kN

-      Mill stiffness 4800kn / mm

-      Material cast steel

-      Manual door opening

-      Locking hydraulic pressure

- the maximum roll gap of the working roll under the nominal roll diameter is 6.833mm

-      Support bearing

Type eight groups number on each axis 6 total 48

Outer diameter 300mm, inner diameter 130mm, width 172.6mm

-      Saddle

Saddle spacing 215.9mm (8 1 / 2 ") saddle clamping operation manual wrench lateral adjustment (push-back type)

In order to release the load on the opposite side of the strip, only a certain taper is provided on the middle side of the pair of rollers.

technical data

- Lateral adjustment operation

2 Two hydraulic cylinders   with diameter of 110 / 80mm and stroke of 200mm

Lateral   adjustment range


Hydraulic   pressure of cylinder


The adjustment of an intermediate roll must be performed under the condition that the speed is greater than 0.5m/s

Through the rotation and positioning of the two upper support rollers "B" and "C", the rack is driven by the hydraulic cylinder and the gear rod meshed with the gear installed at the shaft end controls the main pressure.

A servo valve is installed above the hydraulic cylinder to avoid absorbing air.

Press up and down to install emergency opening.

An MTS displacement sensor is installed on the upper holding down cylinder on the operation side to cooperate with the servo valve to control the displacement of the holding down cylinder


Pressure and location   technical data

- Up and down operation

2 Hydraulic cylinder   diameter 224 140mm

·Up and down   stroke



- Open data

·Opening speed   on hydraulic cylinder:


*Low speed

20mm / S

*High speed

·Opening time

150mm / sec

*Low speed

7 second

*High speed

0.9 second

Elevation adjustment of rolling line

Through the rotation of two sets of lower backup rolls "F" and "g", the position of the lower work roll can be adjusted according to the relationship with the pass line of the rolling mill.

These shafts are hydraulically rotated through gear rods and transmission gears in the same way as pressing up and down, but they are only operated under "no-load" conditions with the help of hydraulic cylinders located under the mill housing on the operating side.

technical data

- Elevation adjustment   operation of rolling line

2 Hydraulic cylinder,   operating side

Diameter 100 56mm, stroke 132mm

- Rolling line control

1 Linear sensors

- Eccentricity (F and G)


Side eccentricity adjustment

The two outer shafts "a" and "H" and the other two outer shafts "d" and "e" are meshed together respectively and can be rotated by hydraulic motor, so as to make the two upper and lower rollers of the roll group close together and compensate for the reduced roll diameter.

Adjust only under "no load" conditions.

technical data

- Side eccentric adjustment

2 Hydraulic cylinder with   absolute encoder

- Operation instruction

2 Digital readout device

- Eccentricity a, D, e and H


"As-u-roll" crown adjustment

A function to change the relative height of each bearing is provided on the "BC" and "FG" shafts, so that the operator can increase or reduce the amount of crown and wedge in the rolling mill. This is achieved through the double eccentric structure of the saddle, which can be realized by using these shafts that the toothed rod rotates alone.

technical data

- Crown adjustment operation

7 Hydraulic cylinder, 80mm   diameter

The stroke is   160mm and the working stroke is 79mm

- Convexity control

7 Linear sensors

- install

Installed on   plate cylinder

- Eccentricity


Thickness gauge (X-ray)

- Two thickness gauges are installed on the guide roll base on each side of the mill housing.

4auxiliary equipment

- hydraulic equipment

It is equipped with two hydraulic devices to serve the rolling mill and its auxiliary equipment. The first one is used for main screw down device, lateral adjustment and

Operation of s-u-roll. The first one is used for the operation of all other functions. The intermediate piping and on-board piping are made of stainless steel.

Technical data high pressure pump station

- number of   pumps

2(1 + 1 standby)

- pump flow

145 L / min

- pump type

The variable   pump

- AC drive

55kW at 1500   rpm

- working   pressure


- tank   capacity

1000 rise

- fuel tank   material

stainless   steel

- heating   device

three×2 kW   =6kW

- filter   circulating pump on return pipe


- number of   pumps


- pump flow

85 L / min

- pump type

Spiral type

- working   pressure


- motor power

2.2kW at 1500   rpm

- filtering


CPC pump

- number of   pumps


- pump flow

52 L / min

- pump type

Spiral type

- working   pressure


- motor power

15kw at 1500   rpm

- filtration   accuracy medium pressure pump station


- number of   pumps

3(2 + 1 standby)





Pl=7 Mpa


Oil tank   volume: 3000l

Medium:   Sinopec lm46# anti-wear hydraulic oil; Temperature: 15 50 ° C

Thin oil station

Three pumps, two for use and one for standby under normal conditions, oil tank volume: 10000l

Medium: 220# closed heavy-duty gear oil

Pump motor: n   = 11kw


P=0.4—6 M    P a

low: q = 40 L   / min

Temperature 15 30 ° C

Emulsion filtration system

It is divided into reflux box (including compressed air purging and magnetic filtration), plate box and bearing lubrication box. There are two plate lubrication pumps, two lifting pumps and two bearing lubrication pumps.

Parameter pump





Medium: (3-5)%   rolling oil-water mixture

Temperature:   35-50 ° C

One set of X ray thickness gauge


Total weight approximate: approximate 750 t

              Exclude spare parts.

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