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used cold rolling mill

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used aluminun tension leveler line

Model No.: 261, it is written on March 19, 2022
  • product description
  • Technical Parameters

used aluminum tension leveler line

Scope of supply

Material: aluminum plate

1 feeding trolley (including track)

Uncoiler 1 set

1 set of feeding roller (including feeding plate)

1 set of inlet tension roller

1 tension bending straightener body (manufactured according to the data provided by Party A)

1 set of outlet tension roller

Trimming shear 1 set

Edge material coiling 1 set

One reversing roller (including outlet feed plate)

Coiler 1 set

1 unloading trolley (including track)

1 set of hydraulic system (including piping)

Main technical indicators

Raw material: aluminum and aluminum alloy

Mechanical properties:бb tensile strength =40Kg§2бs (yield strength)=35Kg§²

Thickness of raw materials: 0.08mm -- 1.0mm

Raw material width: 600mm -- 1320mm

Outer diameter of raw material roll: ≤φ1650mm

Trimming burr: ≤ 0.03mm

Weight of raw material roll: ≤ 6500kg

Coiling staggered layer: ≤ 0.6mm

Coiling tower shape: ≤ 1.0mm

There is no scratch on the board surface

Introduction to each single machine

1. Loading trolley

1.1 structural form: ground type

1.2 lifting mode: oil cylinder lifting, lifting speed > 50mm / min

1.3 forward and backward mode: oil motor drive

1.4 maximum outer diameter of coil:φ1600mm

1.5 maximum weight of roll: 6500kg

1.6 maximum stroke of oil cylinder: 350mm

1.7 traveling speed: ≤ 5m / min

2. Uncoiler

2.1 nominal diameter of drum:φ508mm

2.2 effective length of drum: 1450mm

2.3 bearing weight: ≤ 6500kg

2.4 expansion and contraction range of drum:φ475mm--φ518mm

2.5 DC motor power: 30kW (1500rpm; with encoder, model provided by electrical)

2.6 centering stroke: ± 100mm

2.7 reduction ratio: 21 (calculated by 160m / min)

2.8 theuncoiler adopts central drive (toothed chain mode), hydraulic expansion and contraction, and is equipped with pressing roller.

3. Feeding roller (including feeding support plate)

It is composed of two passive rollers with NBR on the surface and feed supporting plate.The relative position of the two passive rollers is fixed;The up and down swing of the feeding support plate is realized by the hydraulic cylinder;The feeding support plate is double-layer and has expansion function. The expansion amount is 400mm. The expansion action is realized by hydraulic cylinder.

4. Inlet tension roller

4.1 the inlet tension roller is composed of four rollers, and the reduction ratio of the equipped reducer is 16.

4.2 DC motor power:

A roll 18.5kw; B roll 22KW; C roll 30kW; d roll 37KW

4.3 the DC motor is 1500rpm;With encoder, the model is provided by the

Roll diameter ≤φ600mm, 1450mm long roll surface, roll coated with polyurethane rubber, 15mm thick rubber layer, shore hardness 80 ± 5.

5. Tension bending straightener body

6. Outlet tension roller

6.1 the outlet tension roller is composed of four rollers, and the reduction ratio of the equipped reducer is 16.

6.2 motor power:

E roll 45KW f roll 30KW g roll 22KW h roll 18.5w

6.3 the requirements are the same as those in Clause 4.3.

7. Edge trimming

7.1 effective feed channel width: 1450mm.

7.2 calculate the speed ratio according to the speed of 160m / min.

7.3 pinch traction mechanism: the position of the lower roll is fixed and it is a passive roll;The upper roller is the driving roller, which moves up and down driven by the hydraulic cylinder.

7.4 the upper and lower cutter shafts of the trimming machine are adjustable.

7.5 DC motor power: 7.5kW.

7.6 with four hob blades

8. Edge material coiler

There are two in total, symmetrically arranged.The AC motor drives the mechanical friction clutch through the reducer for edge material coiling

9. Reversing roller (including feeding support plate)

It is composed of a passive roll with NBR surface and a feeding support plate.The up and down swing of the feeding support plate is realized by the hydraulic cylinder.

10. Coiler

10.1 bearing weight: ≤ 6500kg

10.2 nominal diameter of drum:φ305mmφ405mmφ505mm three specifications;Various reels can be replaced with each other;The drum is not equipped with jaws.

10.3 effective length of drum: 1450mm

10.4 the coiler is equipped with a pushing device and auxiliary support, in which the inner hole of the pushing plate of the pushing device isφ505mm drum shall be subject to design.

10.5 DC motor power: 45KW (1500rpm; with encoder, model provided by electrical)

10.6 calculation basis of reduction ratio of coiler: drumφ405mm, linear speed 160m / min.

11. Unloading trolley

Same as loading trolley.

12. Hydraulic system (including piping)

12.1. The hydraulic system adopts Yuci oil research products jointly invested by China and Japan.Yuken/Yuci

12.2. It has oil pollution alarm function.

12.3. Main technical parameters of hydraulic control system

Maximum working pressure of the system: 7MPa

Rated working pressure of the system: 6.5MPa

Control voltage of solenoid valve: AC 220V

System medium: N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil (provided by the demander)

System cleanliness: nas11

Normal working oil temperature of the system: ≤ 55

Main external component suppliers

1. DC motor adopts Shanghai Nanyang;Rated speed 1500rpm, rated voltage 440V, excitation voltage 320v.

2. The oil cylinder adopts Tianjin Sifang, and the oil pressure is ≤ 7MPa.

3. The tension roller reducer adopts Hubei Jingzhou products, and the others adopt Qinchuan products.

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