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used cold rolling mill

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CR No.114 New 1250mm 6Hi reversible Cold rolling mill

1250mm 6Hi Reversible cold rolling mill.The equipment is year warranty.(Material:mild steel).The written time is September 23,2020.

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  • Technical Parameters

Material:mild steel,alloy steel

Coil width: 900-1250mm

Inlet thickness 1.2-4mm

Coil ID:610mm

Coil OD:900-1900mm

Outlet thickness:mild steel 0.3-1mm;alloy steel 0.5mm

Max coil weight:25tons

Coil ID:510mm

Coil OD:900-1900mm

Max yield strength 360MPa

Max rolling force 15000KN

Max rolling torque;110KNM

Max rolling speed:1000m/min

Threading speed:30m/min

Max uncoiler speed:400m/min

Coil tension:170-17KN(<640m/min);100-10KN (≥640 m/min)

Max coiler speed: 1050m/min

Working roll specifications: φ400-φ370×1450 mm

Intermediate roll specifications: φ450-φ415×1450mm

Back-up roll specifications: φ1250-φ1190×1350mm

Uncoiler reel diameter: φ560-φ620mm

Coiler drum diameter: φ510-φ 495mm

Deflector roll specifications: φ500×1450mm

Lead roll specifications: φ200×1200mm

Vacuum degreasing roll specifications: φ180×1450mm

Max opening of working roll: 20mm

Work roll bending force (single side positive / negative): 375 / 280KN

Single side bending force of intermediate roll: 450KN

Transverse movement force of working roll: 680 / 430KN

Horizontal displacement: 200 mm

Cooling medium: emulsion

Process lubrication flow: 7000l / min

Working pressure of hydraulic system:

Roll bending traverse: 21MPa

General hydraulic transmission: 10MPa

Working line elevation + 1000mm

Drive direction:Right drive

Motor power:AC frequency conversion,1000KW*8sets;560KW*1set

Scope of supply

Mechanical equipment

Coil car


Head leveler

Right coiler

Unloading car (two sets)

Front device

1250mm 6Hi cold rolling mill

Rear device

Roll-changing device

Left coiler

Belt coiler, etc.

Eletrical system

Main machine cabinet

Coil cabinet

Uncoiler cabinet

AC auxiliary cabinet

PLC cabinet,operation box

AGC control cabinet

AC frequency conversion motor

AC inverter

Hydraulic system(Without Process cooling station)

High-pressure station

Normal-pressure station

Lubrication station

Oil cylinder

Servo valve

Displacement sensor

Pressure sensor

Guilding roll speed encoder

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