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used cold rolling mill

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used 1250mm 6hi cold rolling mill

stock number: 585.  it is written on 19/02/2024
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Material: Q195, Q235, 08A1, 20, low alloy

Coil weight: max. 25ton

Coil thickness: 2.0-4mm

Coil width: 700-1000mm

Coil ID: 610mm

Coil OD: 1900mm

Output product:

coil width: 700-1250mm

Coil weight: max. 25ton

Coil thickness: 0.2-1mm

Accuracy: ±0.01mm (coil thickness <0.4mm), ±3% (coil thickness >0.4mm)

Coil ID: 510mm

Coil OD: 1900mm

Rolling speed: 1200m/min (0.2-0.8mm)

Work roll: (370-400) x 1450mm

Middle roll: (415-450) x 1450mm

Back up roll: (1190-1250) x 1400mm

Rolling force: max. 15000KN

Rolling torque: max.110KN.M

Threading speed: 18m/min

Rectification roll: 400 x 1450mm

Feeding roll: 200 x 1350mm

work roll openness: max. 20mmwork roll bending force( single side +/-): 375 / 280KNmiddle roll bending force: 450KNmiddle roll Lateral displacement: 200mmCooling medium: emulsion

Process lubrication flow rate: 7000L/mih

hydraulic system working pressureAGC system: 25Mpa

bending lateral displacement: 12-18Mpa

general hydraulic drive: 10Mpa

recoiling tension: 170-17KN (V<640m/min=100-10KN(V≥640m/min)max. recoiling speed: 1310m/milrecoiling ID: 495-510mm

Jaw opening degree: 10mmuncoiler tension: 80-8KN

uncoiling speed: 400m/min

uncoiler ID: 560-620mm

output thickness accuracy:

coil thickness 0.2mm, ±0.010mm

coil thickness 0.47mm, ±0.010mm

coil thickness 0.57mm, ±0.014mm

coil thickness 0.8mm, ±0.020mmcoil thickness 1.0mm, ±0.025mm

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