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used ERW tube mill

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2016 used OD219×(3-8)mm ERW tubemill

Stock No.: 564, it is written on August 18, 2023
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Machine is made in 2016, OD219×10mm ERW tubemill

1 loading part(Shenyang Sret)

1.1 coil car


1.3 coil opener

1.4 2hi pinch+ 5hi leveler

1.5 guiding device

1.6 shear welder

1.7 2hi pinch

1.8OD12 meter spiral accumulator, 1 pinch motor and two gearboxes with ground roll motors drive the Shaft-driven bicycle to drive the ground roll.

2 main machine(Taiyuan Huakexin)

2.1 guiding device,2hi pinch,vertical roll,Two roll pre bending, one base, (two AC variable frequency motors, approximately 90 kW),

2.2Four rough forming frames, electric adjustment, mold sharing, one click recovery,

With four AC variable frequency motors,

2.3Four vertical rollers, electric adjustment, one click recovery, mold sharing

2.4/Two sets of circular forming rollers with electric adjustment, shared with molds,

2.5/guide roller, four roller extrusion welding, scratch frame,

2.6/Sifang 3800kW solid-state high-frequency,

2.7/Intermediate frequency weld annealing,

2.8/Air cooled roller bed, water cooled water tank,

2.9/Three sets of sizing, electric adjustment, need to change the mold, one set of four roll Türkiye head,

The fourth fixed diameter machine (four approximately 90 kW AC variable frequency motors).

The current unit is a set of 168 molds,

3/CNC rotary milling flying saw, (Sret).

4/Unloading roller table.

5/Dual drive straightening machine, (Tianjin Fucheng).

6/Dual station stepper flat head inverting machine (Fucheng Electromechanical) is in use.

7/Dual station hydraulic testing machine (Fucheng Electromechanical) is in use.

8/Blanking platform, packaging platform.

9/Full set of AC variable frequency electric control cabinet, operating console, (Sifang).

10/Mold round tube, diameter 159/168/180/229 four sets. (Shijiazhuang Zhongjie).

The total weight reported by the manufacturer is about 450 tons

Can produce API standard steel pipes,

Made of Q345 material with a diameter of 219mm * 11mm steel pipe,

I have also made steel pipes with a diameter of 159 * 3.75mm

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