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No.186 4 station tube hydro testing machine

The written time is June 10,2021.
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Sy-114-4 4 station tube hydro testing machine

new machine in stock, one year warranty


2. Technical requirements and indicators:


2.1 specification of pressure test pipe: ϕ 76, 89, 114, three specifications, with three kinds of mold, bushing and gasket.


2.2 pressure test pipe steel grade: low and medium carbon steel.


2.3 experimental pressure: 3-7mpa 30-70 kg).


2.4 pressure test length: 6010 ± 10mm


2.5 production rhythm (5 MPa pressure holding for 5 seconds), 6-8 pieces / min.


2.6 pressure maintaining form: water injection, full sealing, water cut and pressurization, water cut and pressure maintaining.


2.7 sealing form: face seal.


2.8 test method: cut off water for pressurization and cut off water for pressure maintaining.


2.9 automatic synchronous display: the pressure gauge displays the single pressure value, the touch screen and the large screen display the single pressure value and the pressure curve, the pressure curve can be recorded in the U disk, and the required data can be printed through the offline computer.


3. Process description


3.1 transfer - pushing - clamping - pipe jacking - water injection - plugging - (stop water injection) - pressurization - pressure maintaining - decompression - opening plugging - pipe jacking - Loosening - transfer.


3.2 the hydraulic press is composed of the main machine, supporting hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electrical monitoring and control system, water system, transfer and push system, etc.


4. Configuration and scope of supply


4.1 pressure test head mold: each specification is equipped with a set of pressure test head mold, including sealing gasket, a set of 8 pieces, a total of 2 kinds of 16 pieces.


4.2 water injection pump: 2 sets of pipeline centrifugal pump (30kW).


4.3 hydraulic station: 1 set of double 22KW hydraulic pump system.


4.4 booster oil cylinder device: 4 sets.


4.5 eight pipe jacking cylinders.


4.6 valves and 4 cylinders.


4.7 block 4 cylinders.


4.8 clamp 4 cylinders.


4.9 transmission chain wheel: the main chain wheel is 2.5 inch chain wheel (standard parts) 4, power chain wheel 2.


4.10 transfer motor and reducer assembly 1 set. 5.5kW, controlled by Yaskawa frequency converter,


4.11 push together 1 set of motor and reducer assembly.


4.12 gasket, test 1 set of gasket of each specification, 8 gaskets, 2 kinds in total, 16 gaskets.


4.13 water tank 1 set.


4.14 transfer rack assembly 1 set.


4.15 two sets of pipe jacking body box assembly.


4.16 electric control system console and PLC, touch screen human-machine interface 1 set.


4.17 pressure curve display, 32-55 inch color TV and set top box. The display size is determined according to the site conditions.


4.18 a 32g USB flash disk for storage of pressure data.


5. Require Party A to provide site environment and materials:


5.1 connecting pipes and installation of oil and gas pipelines required for on-site installation.


5.2 connecting wires and cables required on site, communication network cable (30-50m) showing pressing curve and installation.


5.3 foundation bolts shall be installed on site.


5.4 water pump input and output pipes and installation.


5.5 water injection pipeline and installation.


5.6 set up a reservoir 30, and build a circulating ditch around the hydraulic press.


5.7 Party A shall be responsible for the installation and Party B shall guide the installation and commissioning.


5.8 according to the site requirements, move the position of the pressure gauge, provide 32 MPa High pressure oil pipe according to the actual length of the high pressure oil pipe, and the pipe diameter and thread size shall be provided by Party B.


5.9 according to the actual use requirements, Party A shall directly pad the connecting equipment with square pipe on the foundation, which is about 200 square meters. The installation platform of the operation platform is higher than the pipe running position, which is convenient for observation and operation.

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