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No.195 auto strapping machine for steel tube and steel pipe or steel coil

It is new machine.The written time is August 10,2021.
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Technical parameters and process parameters

1. strapping function: automatic strapping along the circumferential direction of steel pipe(Upper plane elevation of conveying roller table: + mm)

2. number of bales: 6 ~ 8 / bale (determined according to the on-site process);

3. baling time: single pass ≤ 15 s (pre feeding belt baling mode);

4. strapping spacing: determined according to the on-site process;

5. outer diameter range of steel bundle: height and width of package: 300mm ~ 500mm;

6 Main technical parameters of automatic baler:

6.1. applicable ambient temperature of equipment: ≤ 40 ℃

6.2Nature of work: continuous

6.3. operating air pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.6MPa. No oil or water(The equipment is equipped with pneumatic triplet and reserved interface)

6.4. binding tension: 4 ~ 20KN (relevant tension is adjusted according to the emphasis of steel belt)

6.5. power of pneumatic motor: n = 1.5KW;

6.6Rated air consumption: q = 3m3 / min

6.7. maximum take-up speed: v = 90m / min

6.8. tensioning speed: v = 3m / min

6.9. baling success rate: ≥ 98%


6.10. lock catch: splayed buckle 50x32 (thickness: 0.9mm),

The material is cold rolled low carbon steel (tensile strength ≥ 540Mpa), and the storage capacity is about 150;The dimensions are shown in the figure below:


6.11. use baling steel belt:

Steel strip size: 32x0.9mm (width x thickness);Comply with Yb / 025-92viii-p-l_F standard,

Tensile strength of steel strip:бb>700Mpa;

Thickness tolerance of steel strip: ± 0.025mm;

Bending accuracy of steel belt sickle: ≤ 2mm / M;

Allowable deviation of steel strip width: ± 0.1mm;

Unevenness of steel strip: ≤ 2mm / M;

The edge of the steel strip shall be free of burr, edge crack, uneven cutting and other manufacturing defects that are not conducive to baling.

Coil specification: 406mmx700mmx190mm (inner diameter x outer diameter x coil width);Coil weight of belt: 200 ~ 380kg;

6.12. power supply: av380v-50hz, power: 10kW / set

6.13. control voltage: DC24V (Siemens element)

6.14Control mode: PLC program control, manual (machine side operation), automatic and full-automatic (main control room).

6.15PLC is equipped with Ethernet communication interface and hard contact communication interface to connect communication signals:

Input: receive the start signal (the equipment has its own control system, and the baling will be completed automatically after receiving the signal).

Output: feedback packaging end signal and fault alarm signal.

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