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used ERW tube mill

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No.194 500x500mm Direct square welder unit

The date of manufacture is 2010 year.The written time is August 05,2021.
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  • Technical Parameters

Scope of supply:

A. Preparation and processing part

1. Storage rack

2.Coil car


4. Feeding roller

5. Head remover machine

6. Leveler

7. Shearing machine

8.Shear welder

9. Centering guide

10.Feeding machine

11. Disc shear

12.Scrap chopper

13. Edge planer

14. Feeding frame


B. Forming part

1. Forming unit

2. Closed hole unit

3. HF welder Thermal tool 800kw

4. Extrusion roll frame

5. Deburring device

6. Flattening roll frame

7. Weld cooling device


C. Shaping, straightening and finished products

1. Shaping unit

2. Straightening frame

3. Antirust coating equipment

4.Milling cutter

5.Runout table


Technical Parameters:

Coil weight:30T

Coil OD:1300-2300mm

Coil ID:610-760mm

Coil width:750-2000mm


Wall thickness:4-20mm



Forming stands:10

Forming DC motors:95kw*20

Sizing DC motors:45kw*8

Sizing stands:4

Horizontal shafe diameter:350mm

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