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used ERW tube mill

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used 250x250x12mm square direct forming ERW tubemill

model No.: 240, it is written on March 2, 2022
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  • Technical Parameters

I Description and characteristics of the unit:

 The unit is used to produce plate with width L = 300 ~ 1000mm and wall thickness= 3 ~ 12mm direct square, rectangular and other closed pipes. The forming of the unit adopts combined rolling spoke, and the rolling catch sharing rate reaches 80%. It is easier to control the accuracy of finished section steel than other forming methods. The electric control part adopts PLC control system and European digital speed regulation unit. The unit has strong universality, wide application range and simple operation and maintenance.

II Technical performance of the unit:

1 finished product

  1.1 finished products:

Cold formed hollow section steel for structure:

square pipe mouth 80×80× (3 ~ 6mm) ~ 250×25× (5 ~ 12mm)

      Rectangular tube 80×200× (3 ~ 6mm) ~ 150×350×(5 ~ 12mm)

  1.2 wall thickness: 3 ~ 12 ( Q235 ) mm

  1.3 material: low carbon steel, low alloy steel Q235; Max.q345 (wall thickness < 10)

  1.4 length: 6 ~ 15 m

2. Raw material: cold and hot rolled strip coil after slitter

2.1 coil material: low carbon steel, low alloy structural steel Q235; Max.q345 (wall thickness < 10)

2.2 coil width: 300 ~ 1000 mm

   Width tolerance: ±0.5 mm

2.3 coil thickness: 3 ~ 12 mm

2.4 coil OD: 1300 - 2100 mm

2.5 coil ID: Φ610; Φ700; Φ760 mm

2.6 coil weight: < 25 tons

3. Main performance of the unit:

3.1 forming method: Roll forming

3.2 forming welding speed: 10 ~ 30 m/min

3. Welding method: High frequency induction welding

3.4 welding power: 800 KW

3.5 unit type: undetermined

3.6 unit production capacity: Two shift system: 60,000 ~ 120,000 tons

4. Workshop conditions:

4.1 power supply: AC380V 50HZ

   Control power supply: AC220V 50HZ

4.2 compressed air flow: 4 m3/min

   Pressure: 0.7 MPa

4.3 circulating water source flow 160 t / h

   pressure 0.3 Mpa

    4.4 assembly machine capacity:

4.5 floor area of workshop: 142m×l8m

4.6 lifting capacity of workshop: 25t and 5T bridge crane each 1 set

4.7 unit elevation: 900mm

Production process flow:

raw material--loading-- uncoiling-- coil opener--pinching and leveling--bud cutting head and tail---centering welding-- looper storage - inlet guide device--forming-- high frequency welding-- deburring--cooling-- sizing--cutting to length-- storage

Online equipment composition:






coil   car






coil   opener



Shear   welder


Including   CO2 welder and trolley


Horizontal   spiral looper



Host   hydraulic system



Forming   device


Including   inlet guide


Welding   device


Including   transformer lifting support


HF   welder (800KW)


American   brand


cooling   system



Sizing   unit



Computer   flying saw


Chinese   brand


Roll   table


Including   material shifting device


Collection   bench


Supplied   by user


Electric   control system



5 Introduction to main equipment:

1 coil car:

  Purpose: it is used to undertake the steel coil and transport it to the uncoiler, and lift the steel coil to the center of the uncoiling cone head. The maximum lifting coil weight is 25 tons.

Structure composition: it is composed of material rack, traveling device, idler, oil cylinder, guide rail, etc.

Lifting mode: hydraulic pressure

Walking mode: YEJ motor with cycloid reducer drive

2 Uncoiler:

Purpose: align the center line of the strip steel rolling unit.

Structural form: The double cone head can move left and right

Drum movement mode: hydraulic pressure

Drum rotation mode: AC drive

Drum braking and micro braking mode: Pneumatic

Uncoiling speed: 6 m/min

3 coil opener:

Usage: it is used to remove, straighten, level and deliver the steel strip prepared by the uncoiler.

Structure: it is composed of pressing roller device, shovel head device, straightening head device, pinch roller, leveling roller and transmission device.

Press spoke transmission mode: AC motor

Telescopic swing mode of shovel head: hydraulic pressure

Clamping and screwdown mode: hydraulic pressure

Flattening and screwdown method: Hydraulic screwdown

Number of leveling spokes: 5 rolls

Transmission mode of clamping leveling rod: AC motor drive

4. Shear butt welding device:

Purpose: cut and align the head and tail of steel coil respectively, and butt weld the head and tail.

Structure: hydraulic shear, front and rear pinch roll, front and rear neutral roll, CO2 protective welding device.

Pressing method: hydraulic pressure

Hydraulic shear: Oblique blade shear

Cut material: Low carbon steel as < 325 MPa

Shear thickness: Maximum 12mm (Q235)

Welding method: CO2 shielded welding

5. Horizontal spiral looper:

Purpose: to store the strip steel and ensure the continuous and stable production of the unit during the time of winding, uncoiling and butt welding. Structure: horizontal spiral looper, external inlet and internal outlet, DC motor drive feeding, fixed coil system.

Charging speed: 20 ~ 80 m/min

Storage length: Max.700m

Transmission mode: The silo adopts separate drive

6. Molding unit:

Forming method: roll forming

Inlet guide device: active two roller pinch belt clutch, passive five roller leveling, two groups of manual vertical rollers adjusted separately

It is composed of six flat roll frames, four four roll universal frames and three vertical roll frames.

It is driven by two motors in two groups

Forming speed: 10 ~ 30 m/min

Forming drive: Spiral umbrella reducer

Forming motor: Dc160kwx 2 sets

7 Welding unit:

It is composed of 5 roll extrusion roller frame, external burr removal frame, rolling frame and transformer support. The upper roller can be adjusted individually or as a whole, with fine adjustment on the left and right and cantilever structure

8 cooling system:

Function: used to cool the welded pipe blank.

Structure: it is composed of cooling water tank, sprinkler, base and other parts.

9 Sizing unit:

It is composed of one vertical roller, four 4 universal frames and 2 Turkish heads. DC motor is driven centrally.

Sizing speed: 10 - 30 m/min

Sizing motor: DC160KW

10 Equipment model: fj250 microcomputer controlled fixed length flying saw

10.1 basic parameters

Applicable varieties: square tube 80x80 ~ 250x250x12

Rectangular tube max350x 150x 12

Steel pipe arm thickness: 5 ~ 12mm

Material strength: O, w420mpa, obw550mpa

(the maximum thickness of Q345 is 10mm, and the maximum thickness of Q235 is 12mm)

Sawing length: 6 ~ 15m

Sizing error: ± 3mm

Suitable rolling speed: 5 ~ 30m / min

Sawing mode: hydraulic swing type

Lower thread positioning of the unit (rectangular pipe riser)

10.2 main parameters and functions of equipment

Total power: 260kw

Saw blade diameter: 1400mm (linear speed: 108m / s)

Clamping mode: the clamp is divided into front clamp and rear clamp, both of which have the functions of lower clamp and left and right clamp. There is no oil cylinder on one side of the front fixture for screw adjustment and positioning.

Equipment function: the operation has manual and automatic functions; Can cut long ruler and short ruler

The fixed length can be adjusted at any time.

Control system: high sensitivity servo system and high-precision position system are adopted. The DC governor adopts Euro 590 + series.

11 Roller table after sawing:

Function: output and collect the finished welded pipe backward.

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