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used hot rolling mill

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used hot rolling mill for steel plate

used hot rolling mill for steel plate Model No.: 205 it is written on Dec.28,2021
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used hot rolling mill for steel plate Model No.: 205 it is written on Dec.28,2021

Technical performance of 2hi mill
1Working diameter of   new working rollφ1100mm
2Loaded to minimum   working roll diameterφ980mm
3Working roll length2350mm
4Maximum working   stroke of upper roll lifting400mm
5Upper roll lifting   limit stroke650mm
6Plunger diameter of   upper roll balance hydraulic cylinder300mm
7Maximum working   stroke of upper roll balance hydraulic cylinder720mm
8Working pressure of   upper roll balance hydraulic cylinder100Atmospheric pressure
9Lifting speed of   upper roll10-48mm/s
10Outer diameter and   pitch of screw threadφ480/48mm
11Reduction device nut   to speed ratio i218
12Gear ratio i1 of   cylindrical gear reducer of screwdown device1.357
13Total speed ratio of   screwdown device from motor to screwdown screw i24.462
14One turn of the small   pointer is equivalent to the stroke of pressing the screw20mm
15One turn of the large   pointer is equivalent to the stroke of pressing the screw400mm
16Rack roll diameter400mm
17Frame roll length1500mm
18Linear speed range of   frame roller1.15-3.45M / S
19Plunger diameter of   hydraulic cylinder of frame roll120mm
20Rack roll inclination   during roll change33degree
21Working pressure of   rack roll at roll change time100Atmospheric pressure
22Upper main drive   shaft inclination swing range (maximum)6.7degree
23Lower main drive   shaft inclination swing range (minimum)5degree
24Diameter of plunger   of balance hydraulic cylinder of main drive shaft230mm
25Maximum stroke of   main drive shaft balance hydraulic cylinder plungerUpper   shaft 550 / lower shaft 100mm
26Working pressure of   plunger of balance hydraulic cylinder of main transmission shaft100Atmospheric pressure
27Maximum working   pressure of roll2000Ton
28Maximum torque of 1   spindle125Ton / meter
29Total   speed ratio of roll changer i538.4
30Moving speed of roll   changer50mm/s
31Maximum stroke of   roll changer5500mm
32Pumping capacity of   roll changing device (tension)28Ton
33Press   down the full length of the screw and take it out of the nut at the minimum   height from the horizon3.7meter

2hi mill motor and electrical equipment
No.nameSpecification and   performanceQTY
1Main motormodelZD250/1502 sets
capacity: 2500KW   speed:   40/80r/min
Voltage: 800V   electric current:   3445
Other excitation (90/475) GD2=140T / M
2Press down the motorZD36.8/22-4(B),   capacity: 190KW2 sets
speed=1500r/min, JC=100% (forward and reverse)
Both ends are out of the shaft,and the overload   coefficient of the right outgoing line is k = 2.5
The air inlet and outlet are above, totally enclosed casing (DC)
3Depress the motor   brakeZwz-500, voltage 110   V, working system JC = 100%2 sets
4Press down the master   controllerLK4-658-4(speed   ratioi=1:30)1
5Electromagnetic   clutchTorque 300 kg / M1
6Pointer setting motorJW091-2, N=0.4KW,   n=2800r/min1 set
7Opening indicator   self-adjusting motorBD-404A2 sets
8Frame roll motorZD242.3/36.5-2B,N=100KW, n=320r/min2 sets
JC=100%, Voltage440VDC
9Roll changer motorJZB42-8, N=19.5千万, n=667r/min, JC=15%1 set
10Roll changer limit   switchLX2-1212
Technical performance of 4hi mill
1Maximum rolling   pressureton3500
2Maximum rolling   torqueton/meter120
3Center distance of   pressing screwmm3450
4Outside diameter of   screwmmφ450Serrated thread
5Screw pitchmm10
6Screw down pivot   diametermmφ350
7Lifting speed of   screw downmm/s1-5-12-Base speed 5mm/s
8Maximum stroke of   screw downmm300
9Total speed ratio of   press down transmission mechanism
10Technical performance of   Screwdown MotorModel: ZZ-72, capacity:72KW2
Speed   520r / min,voltage 220 V
11Balance the hydraulic   cylinder diameter of the upper support rollmmφ360
12Maximum stroke of   hydraulic cylinder for balancing upper support rollmm420
13Hydraulic cylinder   diameter of balance work rollmmφ130
14Maximum stroke of   hydraulic cylinder of balance work rollmm255
15Working pressure of   hydraulic cylinderKg / cm2100
16Working pressure of   hydraulic cylinder during roll changeKg / cm2200
17Maximum diameter of   backup rollmmφ1300
18Maximum diameter of   work rollmmφ750
19Effective width of   roll bodymm2350
20Maximum weight of one   set of work rolls with bearing pedestalton17.6
21Maximum weight of a   set of lower support rollers with bearing pedestalton58.72
22Maximum weight of one   set of upper support rollers with bearing pedestalton39.2
23Maximum allowable   torque of main driveT / M120
24Maximum allowable   transmission torque of upper main adapterT / M60
25Maximum allowable   transmission torque of lower main receiverT / M60
26Maximum allowable   transmission torque of cardan shaftT / M120
27Swing angle range of   upper connecting shaft
28Swing angle range of   lower connecting shaft
29Connecting shaft   hydraulic balance working pressureKg/cm2100
30Diameter of   connecting shaft hydraulic balance plungermmφ110
31Working stroke of   connecting shaft hydraulic balance plungermm48-160
32Maximum rolling   pressure of rolling mill2000
33New backup roll body   diametermmφ1300
34Minimum working roll   diameter of back-up roll after heavy truckmmφ1230
35New work roll body   diametermmφ750
36Minimum working roll   diameter of working roll after heavy truckmmmm
37Roll body lengthmm2350
38Working opening of   rollmm150
39Maximum opening of   rollmm300
40Balance working   pressure of support roll and work rollKg/cm2100
41Working pressure of   hydraulic cylinder during roll changeKg/cm2200
42Diameter of work roll   balance plungermmφ130
43Working stroke of   work roll balance plungermm255
44Diameter of   supporting roller balance plungermmφ360
45Working stroke of   supporting roller balance plungermm800
46Maximum allowable   load for roll change start-upton136
47Maximum starting   stroke of roll changemm6700
48Roll change start-up   moving speedM / min2.55
49Total transmission   ratio of roll change start-up i
4hi mill motor and electrical equipment
No.nameSpecification and   performanceQTY
1Main motorModel: ED250/83   capacity: 2050KW2 sets
Voltage: 800V, speed: 60/120r/min
electric current2800
Torrent mode: other exciting
2Press down the motorModel: ZZ-72  capacity: 72Kw 2 sets
speed: 520r/min Voltage: 220V
Coefficient: 100% 

3Press down the master   controllerModel: LK4-65.8-4,   speed ratio i=302 sets
4Main   motor tachogenerator
2 sets
5Pointer disc motorModel: JQ2-31-8, capacity: 1.1KW,   speed: 700r/min2 sets
Voltage: 220V
6Upper motor for roll   changeModel: JZR, capacity:   72KW, speed: 723r/min1 set
7Upper travel limit   switch for roll changeModel: LX4-1522

The above parameters are for reference only, and the final parameters shall be subject to the site

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