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used hot rolling mill

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used 650mm hot rolling mill stainless steel

Stock No.: 560, it is written on July 31, 2023
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650MM stainless steel strip hot rolling production line (9 horizontal and 2 vertical)

Rough rolling reversible rolling mill (1 horizontal and 1 vertical)

R1 flat OD1070 × 900, DC motor power 6600KW, voltage 1200V, speed 48-96, manufacturer: Harbin Electric

Herringbone box: Nanjing high-precision transmission, screw down

E1 vertical OD850 × 400. DC motor power 500KW, voltage 660V, speed 250-600, manufacturer: Wuxi Zhongdian, gearbox: Nanjing Jinxin

Rolling mill manufacturer: Jieyang

Double design and production of hot coil box.

Flying saw (rotary drum style) produced in Jieyang.

Precision rolling (8 horizontal and 1 vertical) continuous rolling mill: linear speed 14M/S

F1-F8 flat roller 4-roller machine, DC motor power 3000KW, voltage 950V Manufacturer: Harbin Electric, gearbox: Nanjing High Precision Transmission

AGC hydraulic automatic control high-precision pressing system. The thickness gauge adopts American RSI Ruimei X-ray

E2 vertical roller DC motor power 150KW, voltage 660V, speed 315-1000. Manufacturer: Wuxi Zhongdian. Reduction gearbox: Nanshi Jinxin

Rolling mill manufacturer: Jieyang

The recoiler (underground cored recoiler) is designed and produced by CMIC . The recoil core is Hengyang Metallurgical Machinery, with a main coil DC motor of 600KW, voltage of 440V, and speed of 762. The manufacturer is Wuxi Zhongdian, with a maximum coil weight of 10 tons and a steel strip thickness of 6MM

The entire line roller track is equipped with Toshiba variable frequency drive: the motor adopts Ningbo Dongli;

Power distribution system: The entire line adopts Siemens S700 speed control system and PLC automatic communication control system for DC control, and rectification adopts

ABB silicon controlled automation, the secondary computer is designed, manufactured, installed and tested running by the State Key Laboratory of Rolling Technology and Continuous Rolling Automation (RAL) of Northeastern University.

Main parameters of 650 strip steel

1. El vertical rolling: motor Z560-760, 500KW, 660V, 250-600rpm

Reduction ratio of 5.85

Roll max OD850 minOD800 × 400mm

2. R1 2hi rough rolling: motor Z3200/1350, 6600KW, 1200V, 48-96rpm

Speed ratio 1

Rolling roller max. OD1070-min.OD970 × 900mm

3. F1-F8 finishing mill: motor Z1000-4, 3000KW, 950V, 400/650r/min

F1-F5 roller max500 -min450 × 920mm

F6-F8 roller max460 -min410 × 920mm

F1-F8 back up roll max920-min860 × 840mm

F8 speed ratio 1

4. E2 vertical rolling: motor Z355-5, 150KW, 440V, 315-1000rpm

Speed ratio 12.34

Rolling roller max500 -min460 × 300mm

5. Head cutting flying shear: motor ZFQZ-400-32, 375kw, 660V, 531rpm

Speed ratio 18. 708

6. Coiler drum motor: 600kw, 340/762r/min

Normal expansion diameter of the drum OD752mm

Speed ratio 2

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