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2002 TIPPINS 1700mm hot rolling mill

model No.: 262, it is written on March 21, 2022
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The 1700mm Steckel mill is made by the American TIPPINS company. 

The CCID plant of MCC is designed and the 19th MCC is constructed. 

The production line was completed and put into production in September 2002. 

It is designed to produce 600,000 T / A  

material: carbon steel, low alloy steel, pipeline steel, weathering steel, 

welded structural steel and non directional electrical steel hot-rolled coils every year. 

It stopped production in November 2015

scope of supply: (exclude heating furnace)

high-pressure water removing device, 

two 4hi reversible tandem mills, 1 vertical roll mill, 

2 rolling mill inlet / outlet coiling furnaces, 

laminar flow cooling device, ground recoiler, coil unloading trolley, baler, walking beam conveyor, 

and one rolling line runout table

billet size: (200-250)×(900-1,600)×(6,000-10,400)mm

billet max weight: 30 ton


1) steel plate, thickness: 8-20mm, width max 1900mm

2) steel coil, thickness:2-8mm, width max 1700mm

annual production: based on designing 600,000 t/y, actual max production: 1 million t/y

   Walking beam heating furnace

Heating furnace size: 30,300×11,000mm

charging and discharging roller table center: 36640

Heating temperature / : 1270

output /: 175 ton/hour

Fuel: blast furnace gas

Rolling mill inlet / outlet coiling furnace

Top furnace shell insulation material: thermal insulation fiber composition bottom furnace shell insulation material: refractory concrete

Drum size /: Φ1370×2100mm

drum jaw width /: 1830

Motor power: DC 1492 kW

 furnace operating temperature / : 1038

Rolling mill

Mill type: 4hi reversible type

Work roll size /: Φ760/ Φ810×1925mm

backup roll size /: Φ1600/ Φ1730×1725mm

maximum rolling force /: 35280KN

Maximum rolling torque /: 1793 KN.M

Bending force of each roll journal / 1930 KN

Main motor power / 2×AC 5224KW

Main motor speed / 125 / 300 r/s

Motor power of electric pressing down device: 2×DC 224KW

  Vertical roll mill

Roll type: caliper type

Work roll size: Φ1194/ Φ1240×500mm

main motor power / 2×DC 750 KW

Main motor speed / 680 ~ 1020 r/s

Laminar flow cooling device

Number of cooling stands / group 5

Number of nozzle headers on each bench / piece 7

Number of nozzle headers under each bench / piece 16

Flow per upper nozzle header / 1534

Flow per lower nozzle header / 715

Ground recoiler

Type: hydraulic 3 auxiliary roll type

drum sector plate quantity / piece

Drum size /: Φ725/ Φ762 ×1725mm

drum motor power /: 2×DC 746 KW

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