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used hot rolling mill

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HRM No.158 Used 480mm steel strip Hot rolling mill

Used 480mm steel strip Hot rolling mill.It was made in 2010 and shut down in 2019.It was online now.The written time is December 28,2020.

  • product description
  • Technical Parameters

Material:Mild steel

Capacity:1,800,000 tons/a

Raw material




Product specifications


Coil width:268-480mm;

Coil weight:Max 3.5tons

Motor power:

2Hi roughing mill  4000KW

Medium rolling vertical rolling mill 800KW

ZP1 2Hi rolling mill  2500KW

ZP2 2Hi rolling mill  2500KW

JL1 vertical finishing mill  250KW

JP1 2Hi rolling mill  2500KW

JP2 2Hi finishing rolling mill 1600KW

JL2 vertical finishing rolling mill 250KW

JP3 2Hi finishing rolling mill  1600KW

JP4 2Hi finishing rolling mill  1600KW

JP5 4Hi rolling mill  1250KW

JP6 4Hi rolling mill  1250KW

JP7 4Hi rolling mill  1250KW

JP8 4Hi rolling mill  1250KW

The scope of supply:

2# end in side out double regenerative continuous pusher furnace

Tapping machine

Hydraulic pusher

Steam drum

Centrifugal fan

Centrifugal induced draft fan

2Hi roughing mill

Medium rolling vertical rolling mill

ZP1 2Hi rolling mill

ZP2 2Hi rolling mill

JL1 vertical finishing mill

JP1 2Hi rolling mill

JP2 2Hi finishing rolling mill

JL2 vertical finishing rolling mill

JP3 2Hi finishing rolling mill

JP4 2Hi finishing rolling mill

JP5 4Hi rolling mill

JP6 4Hi rolling mill

JP7 4Hi rolling mill

JP8 4Hi rolling mill

Mill housing


Radial drilling machine

hydraulic press

Vertical grinding machine

Roll lathe

Cylindrical grinder

Horizontal lathe

Loading bench hydraulic station

Hydraulic station of hydraulic pusher

Hydraulic station of rough and medium rolling

Finishing hydraulic station

Finishing AGC hydraulic station

Coiling hydraulic station

Rewinding hydraulic station

Crude medium rolling thin oil station

Thin oil station of finishing mill

Coiling thin oil station

Thin oil station of rough rolling main motor

Water system

Rare earth disk separation and purification equipment for wastewater

Pipes and supports

Roller system

1200kN hydraulic pusher (2# reheating furnace)

1200kN hydraulic pusher (1# heating furnace)

2000KN hot shear

Pinch roll equipment

2# Feeding roller

3# Feeding roller

1#,2# flat chain transport mechanism

Vertical coiler

Roll shifting device

Hydraulic shear

Recoiler device

2# furnace tapping machine

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