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used hot rolling mill

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HRM No.75 Used Hot rolling mill

Used Hot rolling mill,including the Roughing mill,Finishing mill,Leveler,Bilateral shear,Cut to length,Roll grinding,The written time is March 13,2020.
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Since it was put into operation in 1966, the medium and heavy plate production line has undergone many large-scale technical transformation. In 1998, the finishing mill and straightener were transformed. In 2011, the heating furnace, roughing mill, cooling bed and bilateral shear were transformed. At present, there are two production units - steel rolling finishing line and heat treatment line.It has been out of production since April 2017.

Production capacity: 1 million tons per year

Product specification: thickness 6-180mm, width 1100-2620mm, length 3000-16000 mm

Delivery status: hot rolling, controlled rolling, TMCP, normalizing, tempering, annealing, quenching, quenching and tempering, etc

Main steel types: common plate, low alloy, excellent structure plate, bridge plate, ship plate, container steel, high strength welding steel, wear-resistant steel, pipeline steel, high-rise building steel, die steel, low-carbon bainitic steel, special steel, etc

1、3m Roughing mill

The roughing mill was installed in 2012 and shut down in 2017.

Vertical roll: rolling force single side 4000KN, under drive type. Hydraulic AWC control.

Roughing mill: the opening of arch is 3000mm, the max opening of working roll is 350mm,

 the rolling speed is 0-3.82m/s. Main drive motor AC4000KW * 2, maximum rolling force 4500KN

300 mm thickness, 1100-1900mm width, 2100-2900mm length

2、 3m Finishing mill

The four high finishing mill is a double design. It was installed and put into operation in 1999 and stopped production in 2017. 

It includes rolling mill, front and rear working roller table, main drive, main motor, main drive shaft, hydraulic system,

lubrication and oil film bearing lubrication system. It adopts electric APC + hydraulic AGC screwdown control system.

The max rolling pressure of the rolling mill is 45000KN, the rigidity of the rolling mill is 8500KN / mm,

The thickness range is 6-100mm,max rolling speed is 5.6m/s, and it has the ability to roll 6mm steel plate.


The leveling force is 3000 tons, fully hydraulic pressing, tilting and roll bending functions, 

The quadruple and high rigidity structure design is adopted.

The width of the corrected steel plate is 1200-2800mm, the thickness is 8-80mm, and the maximum yield strength is 1000MPa. 

It was put into use in 2006 and stopped production in 2017.

4、Bilateral shears

The thickness of the shear steel plate is 5-50mm, the width of the finished product after shearing is 1100-4100mm, 

The shear force is 6500KN. The bilateral shear was put into use in 2012 and stopped production in 2017.

5. Cut to length

It was installed and put into operation in 1966 and stopped production in 2017. The max shear force is 6000KN

The width is 2800mm, the thickness is 6-50mm,

Max strength of shear steel plate is 800MPa, and the max number of shear is 7times per minute.

6、Roll grinder

Equipped with work roll and support roll for grinding 3m roughing and finishing mill. Produced in 2012, discontinued in 2017.

Max grinding diameter φ 1250mm

Min grinding diameter φ 150 mm (grinding wheel diameter ≥ φ 800mm)

Max grinding length 8000 mm

Max. weight of workpiece 30tons

Measuring range of automatic measuring instrument φ 150 ~ 1250mm

The total weight of the 6 machines is approximate 60000 tons

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