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used pickling line

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2016 1250mm pickling line

stock No.: 448, it is written on January 23, 2023
  • product description
  • Technical Parameters

1.1. Production scale: pickling medium and wide band steel 1.5-3.5 × 960-1350 mm

300000 tons/year

1.2. Product scheme:

Steel coil size after pickling: coil ID: ф 610 mm; coil Width: 960-1250 mm

Maximum coil OD: ф 2000 mm; Maximum coil weight: 24 tons

Product executive standard: GB716-91 cold rolled carbon structural steel strip

YB/T5059-93 low carbon steel cold rolled strip

GB13237-91 High-quality cold-rolled sheet and strip of carbon structure

GB/T2520-2000 Cold Rolled Electroplated Tin Sheet

1.3. Raw materials:

Hot rolled strip coil

Coil ID: Ф 610/ Ф 762 mm

Maximum coil OD: ф 2200 mm

Coil thickness: 1.5-3.5mm

Steel coil width: 960-1250 mm

Maximum coil weight: 24 tons

Unit coil weight: (max) 18kg/mm (average) 16kg/mm

Mechanical properties: maximum yield strength σ≤ 496N/mm2

Steel type: hot-rolled low-carbon steel, carbon structural steel, high-quality carbon structural steel, low-grade non-oriented cold-rolled silicon steel

Representative steel grades: SPCC/st12, SPCD/st13; Q195-Q235 Q295Q345 08AL 10# 20# 50W600, 65W600, etc

The quality of steel coil shall comply with the provisions of current national standards.

Chapter II Production Capacity

Calculate original parameters:

*4-section acid tank (11.75 × 4=47m);

*Maximum linear speed of the unit 100m/min

*Minimum chemical reaction time: 25.8 seconds

*The threading speed of the unit is 30 meters/minute

*Average specification: 2.25 × 1000 Average coil weight 16 tons (outer diameter 1800mm)

*Annual production capacity: 300000 tons/year

Annual production working hours

1. Calendar time: 365 × 24 hours/day=8760 hours/year

2. Non-production time of the unit

Annual maintenance downtime

10 days × 24 hours/day × 1=240 hours/year

Scheduled maintenance shutdown

23 times/year × 8 hours/time=184 hours/year

3. Production utilization time

A-B=8336 hours/year

4. Production efficiency η= 0.8

Including: equipment failure shutdown, production accident handling such as arch belt, roll change, production plan change, etc.

Estimated net production time is 8336 × 0.8=6668.8 ≈ 6670 hours.


Technical parameter



Coil thicknessmm



Coil widthmm



It is allowed to pass without trimming

Coil IDmm



Max. coil ODmm



Max. coil weightt



Maximum yield strength of raw materialN/mm2


Line speedm/min


Capacity / yearton


acid tank total length(m)


flushing tank total length(m)


Unit type

Pull-push type pickling line

Pickling medium

31%   Industrial hydrochloric acid

Pickling   solution concentration 200±20g/L

Pickling temperature


Minimum pickling time (seconds)



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